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  • Timeline Strategizing

  • Market Analysis

  • Financial Calculation

  • Property Management

  • Various Marketing Tools





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My Story

I graduated from NTU with a double major in Chemical Engineering and Food Science & Technology. Making the first step in my career was a hard decision. Eventually, I realized what motivated me was my deep interest in meeting people and building connections. I decided to pursue a career in business development. Through exposing myself to people from different walks of life, I found deeper enjoyment in connecting with people. Although I have left my first job, what spurs me on stays the same.

I firmly believe my background with direct clients has built me up to be a strong individual with clear goals. My professionalism, coupled with my experience, puts me in a great position to assist clients to make informed decisions prior to owning one of the biggest purchases in their lives.


Recent Projects


"I worked very closely with Cheryl and have seen her grow strength to strength over these 12 months. Cheryl is a team player and a person of integrity and credibility. I believe Cheryl brings a wonderful determination to everything and will be an asset to you also."

Sean Morier

"Cheryl is a diligent individual and you can depend on her to get things done in a proper and orderly manner. She shows persistence in her work and does not back down in face of difficulties. Friendly and approachable, she is always ready to give her thoughts and advice if you ever need help."

Jason Lew

What sets Cheryl apart is her ability to understand and focus on even the smallest details, allowing her to meet my requirements and needs. She over delivers every time I work with her. Responsive, personable, and takes pride in her work, I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone in need of her service.

Robert Lim

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